Master Makeover

Here is another little project I took on this summer…

Our Master Suite is probably my favorite place in our home. It is a haven to relax and I'm obsessed with the space…everything from our stairs leading up, to our sitting space, our bed space, our bathroom, and my sewing room. The previous owners converted the entire upstairs of our cape cod style house to be devoted to the master suite, and I fell in love immediately upon seeing and buying this house! Through the past 5 years, all the decorating we have continued to do in the space, just keeps making it better and better!

This summer, I decided the biggest change would be the bedding. It was Josh and I's 8 year wedding anniversary in May and the gift choice for 8 years is linen…not to mention we hadn't changed our bedding since our wedding haha! The new choice was easy, all white bedding. It is all the rage in interior design and would help lighten our dark space. I was a little skeptical about keeping it clean, but have loved the decision because now I get to bleach our bedding!!!


With the bedding change, I decided to add a few more white touches. I am doing a sentimental trinket wall surrounding our bed. I have already started with a couple items, but the goal is to continue adding white items to the wall throughout the years.

I love cluttered walls! Therefore of course I love a gallery wall. I am creating a gallery wall in our sitting area that will grow with a mix of pictures, textures, important items, etc. I found a wood carving that is my exact wrist tattoo at the Irish festival this summer and it has now become my favorite newest addition. It is a Celtic knot using 4 hearts to form it's shape, 2 large, 2 small which now represents our family!


In the corner is a new bar cart Josh and I both wanted to add. By throwing some books in there and a mixture of cool glasses, we created the exact look we were going for! The blue color was a perk and a fun addition!

I hope you love our changes as much as we do!

Bedding – a mixture of Target and Home Goods purchases

Bar Cart – Ikea


Summer DIY Projects

I can't believe this is the longest hiatus I have taken from blogging! I blame summer! It has been the most jam packed and quickest summer I can remember!!! I'm not crazy right? I mean….August starts on Friday…insane! That means back to school season has officially begun. Not only is it apparent in my work life, but we even went school uniform shopping for Beckham last weekend. I'm not ready to give up summer weather, but with temps in the 60's already this week, I have a feeling fall is coming before anyone is ready for it! Anyways, enough of my rambling ;)

I want to share a couple easy projects I tackled this summer in the midst of my crazy busy life. First up, my front door. I have wanted a new front door for a while now {when I say a while, I mean ever since we moved in 4 and a half years ago} but it is still not in the budget :( I am very inspired by European doors and have pinned a few of my favorite ideas on Pinterest. That got me inspired. Why not do something wild to make me love my current door?!?! Me and paint are best friends so of course I already had all necessary supplies and didn't hesitate to do the project on my next day off! Lol! It took me a few days to get use to how bold it looks, but I have officially decided I LOVE it! For anyone wanting to create a similar look, follow these easy steps…

Decide on a pattern

My door was already purple, so I didn't need to paint that portion. I just taped the design I chose onto my door with blue painters tape the thickness of my design.

Paint the secondary color {2 coats} on the portion of the door not covered with painter's tape.



Next project was painting Audrey's hand-me-down doll high chair. She is at the perfect stage of make believe play and loves all things dolls, house, kitchen, and dress up. My mom decided it was time for her to have my old doll high chair. It is beyond cool…Jenny Lind style and still in really good shape! The only problem was it's color, plain old brown oak. Anywhere else in our home, it would work, but not in Princess Audrey's pink, black, and white room. Therefore, I relied on my trusty old spray paint, coated it twice, and it was perfect!


I have a couple more summer highlights to share in the coming weeks so I promise I won't stay a stranger ;) ;)


ZenKidz gets Fabulously Frozen!

Audrey turned 4 on Saturday and we had her birthday party on Sunday. I know I have already mentioned our obsession with the movie Frozen so it should come as no surprise that Audrey wanted a Frozen party! Not only did she want a Frozen party, but she also wanted an Elsa dress to wear. Well, easier said than done! Elsa dresses have been completely sold out since December!!! So what does that mean? Mommy had to make an Elsa dress ;) Good thing I went to college to be a. Disney Princess dress designer hehe! Here is Princess Elsa on her big day…


The Birthday Bash was at ZenKidz Play Cafe in Uptown Westerville. I cannot even explain how amazing this play cafe is! It was only the second weekend it was opened and you wouldn't even know it! Owner Marina and party host Megan were the best! They had everything timed perfectly! They organized a music parade and a special Olaf craft in addition to all the free play activities! The ZenKidz space is beautiful and has so many tactile play stations. It is an adorable cozy feel in a bright modern space. Please please please consider going to ZenKidz for a play date or even have your next Bday party there!

Audrey is truly blessed to have great school friends and family friends and almost all of them were there! She was a VERY happy girl! I think the sugar high and overstimulation has yet to wear off ;)

Frozen themed snacks…thank you Etsy and Pinterest!
Carrots for Olaf Noses, pretzel mix for building a snowman, and popcorn for snow!
Party Host Megan…man can she manage a group of 4 year olds!!!
The Music Parade…to none other than Let it Go!
Making the Olaf craft above…and the finished results below! Owner Marina even brought in twigs from her yard for the arms <3 <3 <3



Charming Charleston

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! I just got back from one of my favorite cities in the south AND took all the beauty and sites of the city in with two of my favorite people in the world! Josh had a conference in Charleston so of course I had to tag along. I also convinced my best friend Brittany to come over from Atlanta and meet us! I discovered that Josh and Brittany are the male/female versions of each other so it only makes sense that they are both my soul mates hehe! There was lots of talking, shopping, eating, and drinking! It was perfect!

I fell in love with Charleston 2 years ago when we took the kiddos there on family vacation. Josh and I love small walking cities and historical places so we thought it would be a perfect fit…it was! Stories and sites date back to the late 1600's. Every where you look there is charm, color, courtyards, cobblestone, carriages, and so much more! We even took a ghost tour!!! Here is my photo dump…

The market where I bought lots of cool jewelry and gifts for the kiddos ;)

Charleston is called the Holy City because of all the churches/steeples within the historic district.


Old graves that lie right inside the church fence…so old we couldn't read the dates on the tombstones!

I just love ivy on brick!!!
FPMe photo op outside a beautiful courtyard!
We were lucky enough to snag reservations to McCrady's…a local hotspot!
Shopping on King Street

Our farewell to Charleston drinks at The Bar at Husk…BEST drinks in Charleston!!!


DIY Jewelry Board

I have needed a way to hang my necklaces for a long time. At first, I turned to Pinterest and found lots of great ideas, but I never got around to picking which project I liked best! Good thing because I'm obsessed with what I did instead! Leave it to my inspiring and creative company to have the best way to hang necklaces…nails on a piece of wood! It is so natural and practical. All I needed was a piece of wood because I already had nails and screws at home. It would be really neat to find an amazing piece of wood in nature, but I have to admit, I took the easy city girl route and went straight to Lowes! Lol! I found a cool piece of light colored wood the exact size I wanted for only $6! This is the simplest instructions EVER…

1. Figure out where you'd like to place the wood on your wall and make sure there are studs in the location to support it.

2. Drill small holes in the 4 corners where the screws will hold the wood to the wall.

3. Screw the wood into the wall through the holes you drilled.

4. Hammer nails into wood based on where you'd like to hang your jewelry.

Vwallah! Now you can hang your jewelry and it looks beautiful! What better way to decorate you wall than with beautiful necklaces? Thank you Free People for the inspiration!

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I love the brand I work for! Clearly one of the reasons I went to work for Free People in the first place was that I loved the clothes! Well, that has only grown and my love has become about more than just the clothes. I am so impressed and obsessed with the company as a whole! I won't go into details but the way they are so focused on creativity and impower you to 'own' your business and really do give you the freedom to try new things! I truly feel inspired by something different each day I'm at work! Now about the shopping…

I have to say if I wasn't a shopaholic before, I am now!!! I love everything Free People and have a hard time convincing myself I don't “need” everything new we get in! Hahaha! So here are my latest fashion obsessions, both of which I have bought!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Josh and I already celebrated and you better believe I wore the Roses are Red Jumpsuit on our date <3 <3 <3

Roses are Red

Flora One Piece



Disney couldn't have picked a better winter to release the movie Frozen! While being 'frozen' by the arctic vortex, we keep escaping to see the movie! Audrey (and maybe myself) are obsessed! I am a self proclaimed Disney princess lover, but Frozen is my new favorite! It hints at following the same formula of all past Disney princess movies where the heroine is searching for her 'true love'. But just you wait, you'll be surprised! Disney is moving forward with the times and appealing more to our generation. It is a MUST SEE!!! Take Audrey's word for it…she's seen it three times lol!

Audrey in her Princess Anna dress ready to see the movie!


Audrey and I continued our princess day by getting manis together! She chose blue for Elsa ;)

I can't even express the joy of having a daughter! She is different than everything I imagined she would be and in the very best ways!!! My 'girls day' with her today was much needed and so very special! I love you Aud xoxoxo


Hello 2014!

Well it's officially 2014…I mean, I guess I'm a little late since it is already the middle of the month ;) I have a good excuse though, I was living a dream the first week of the new year and have had a hard time snapping out of it! Hehe! Holiday in the retail world flew by and was crazy busy and the Martin family needed to escape the terrible winter weather we've been experiencing in Ohio. Therefore, we headed on our BIG family vacation to St. Marteen. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!! BEYOND AMAZING!!!! We stayed at Oyster Bay Resort on the Dutch side of St. Marteen, but only a skip away from the French side. There were so many amazing staff members we fell in love with at the resort and wished we could move there! The perk to St. Marteen is the ability to island hop! One day we hopped over to St. Bart's and another day we spent the day on Anguilla. Anguilla was the highlight for me with Shoal Beach topping my list as “most gorgeous beach I have ever seen!” And of course the experience of riding dolphins in the ocean with Josh and the kids while we were there!!! We are so blessed as a family to share such an unforgettable vacation! Here is our photo dump! Hope you love the pics and get a chance to go to St. Marteen some time too!

Us in St. Bart's
The kiddos loving the beach

Josh and I loving the beach

Audrey on Shoal Beach aka Best Beach EVER!

The kiddos with Johan…our favorite member of the Oyster Bay Staff




It’s that time of year!

Hiiii everyone! I'm alive, I promise! Sorry I've been such a stranger! Big life changes have been happening over here…I WENT BACK TO WORK! It has been busy, crazy, exciting, awesome, and has definitely taken some adjustments. First to get neglected while transitioning was my blog :( But the good news is, I am settled and ready to get back to blogging! More on my new job to come next post! Today I just wanted to share our Christmas decorations! I tackled them Thanksgiving weekend and I think it was a success! You can decide for yourselves though ;)

I keep joking about what an aggressive mom I am since I even put up trees in my kiddo's rooms! Hehe! It's something I started last year and now there is no going back!

The family tree
Audrey's tree – Barbie themed
Beckham's tree – sports themed
Johnny – the family elf…the mother daughter teamed that created Elf on a Shelf are geniuses!!! My children are angels at Christmas time now! Lol!

Also note the cute felt Pom garland I hung between the stockings. I had my eye on something similar at West Elm but didn't want to spend top dollar for garland! Therefore, I found this Pom ribbon at JoAnn's for 1/3rd the price! I think it did the trick and created the youthful, whimsical Christmas feeling I was going for this year!

I hope everyone is enjoying your own Christmas decor!!!

Bye Bye October

October is becoming my favorite month! Pumpkin patches, Beckham's birthday, Halloween, all are my favorite things ;) So, we have been very busy packing as much as we can into our last great month of fall activities before November brings the winter cold! Here is our photo dump…


First up….getting to chaperone both Audrey and Beckham's field trips to the pumpkin patch!


Next up…decorating the house for Halloween. Pumpkin painting included!

A couple cute ideas…I traced the bats using a cookie cutter and cut them out of black card stock. Then just taped them on the wall. Also, I used the black card stock to write Halloween sayings using white chalk and framed them! They looked just like chalkboards and turned out really cute! Here are some quotes…

“Keep calm and eat candy”

“The cobwebs in my house just became decorations, thanks halloween”

“A real witch is nothing without her ghoulfriends”

“Don't make me get the flying monkeys”


Now that the decorations were up, we were ready for our Halloween party! Thank you Pinterest for some great ideas ;)


The week after our Halloween party, we celebrated Beckham's birthday! We were brave enough to let him have a sleepover!!! I can't believe he's even old enough!!! It was VERY cute and a success!

And to finish off the month, HALLOWEEN of course! The weather threatened our trick or treat fun, but did not stop us! The kids had a blast and loaded up on candy! Us parents, enjoyed a little spiced cider and ended the night with American Horror Story! It was a perfect night!

Hope everyone made the most of Fall Festivities too! Now it's onward to the Holiday season!